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Platinum Plan Membership

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With the platinum plan we offer everything possible there is to offer with our hosting and design services. If you are looking for the ultimate business site then this option is the choice for you. We range from wordpress blog sites to ecommerce cart sites. Anything you need to be created, we have the programmers on site to make it happen for you. The Platinum Plan offers the following:

10+ Page Site

When you have an expanding business you never know how many pages your website will need. With the platinum plan we do not limit you do a number of pages so your website can constantly be growing. This is also a great option if you offer products on your site and want to list each product on their own page. With this plan you have the option to do that.

Requested Domain

As always you will have the option to choose your own domain name, when you register our domain checker will tell you if the domain you want is available. If your domain is not available you can continue searching or give us a call to help you target the best domain for your business. The domain will be registered under your account. If you decide to cancel your account after a year then the domain will be transferred over to your new host, however if you terminate your account prior to a year completed then SavePro Designs retains full rights to the domain name.

Contact Form

Having a contact form on your website is extremely important if you are a business owner. People are searching for terms that your business probably specializes in, and once found they will want to contact you. When you have an easy form submission on your website messages will be sent directly to your email address associated with your membership. These emails will contain the information a potential client has submitted into the form fields in hopes of contacting you for your business.

Portfolio Page

As client coming to a business website I would want to see some work that the business has done before purchasing anything. With the portfolio page we take the clients photos and put them on display for potential clients to view on the portfolio page. There is no limit on how many images you can have, however the same modification terms listed above apply if you want to add images per month.

Domain Specific Email

Having a domain specific email account helps your business look more professional than it would if you have an @yahoo or @gmail account. When people see your domain name at the end of your email they feel like they are working with a professional. With the Platinum Plan we know that we are working with professionals as well so we should give you the professional treatment with a domain specific email account. The first 5 email accounts are included in the plan and adding additional accounts increase the monthly payment by 2 dollars per email address added.


Many companies nowadays are turning to newsletter marketing. With our newsletter system clients can sign up for your newsletter and each month we will generate the list for you to send out a newsletter to the list of clients that have subscribed to your newsletter. This is a great marketing tool for reoccurring business relationship opportunities.

Message Boards

Message boards can be a very important part of a business website. If you have a product that is constantly changing or that may be difficult to work with, message boards are a great place to allow your clients come and collaborate about the most recent changes. The message boards can also be used as a help or support section for your website where you as the business owner can go in and help clients.

PayPal and Google Checkout

Are you selling products or need a donation button? PayPal and Google both offer these options; the choice is yours on what one to use. We will integrate whichever option you choose into your website so that you can get direct payment from clients for whatever products or services you provide your clients with. PayPal and Google are both trusted sources of payment and have secure backend systems so that clients will feel safe when giving out their payment information over the internet to them.

Client Mangement System

With a client management system you will have the ability to add and remove pages whenever you need to. This type of website is only suggested if you are familiar with working with a backend system. It is not that difficult to manage once you get the hang of it, but it may take some time. Ultimately, if you want to run your site completely by yourself this is the best option for you. You can update your site daily, as well as add and remove content as needed. Have a promotion? Put it on your site for the duration of the event, and then remove it later!

Ecommerce Website

We have already spoken about the capabilities of PayPal and Google Checkout systems. With an ecommerce website you will have the ability to add and remove products and categories to have your full online shopping store. The store will be using either PayPal or Google Checkout to process payments coming in from your store since it is the most secure. Your website has the potential to be a main source of income with this option and we will help you set it up today, we are just a phone call away!