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Silver Plan Membership

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In today’s marketplace it is important for small businesses to have a presence on the internet, both to attract new customers and to connect with existing clients. With a down payment as low as $200 and monthly payments of $25 per month, there is no reason to delay. The Silver Plan Membership has a 5 Day Money Back Guarantee so there is no risk. The Silver Plan Membership also includes:

Three+ Page Site

We offer all of our Silver Plan Members a 3 page site for use during their membership. Each site contains an easy to navigate home page, about us, and contact us page. Our members will go through a revision process with an assigned designer to their personal account. Once all revisions have been made the site will go live within 72 hours. If at any time a revision needs to be made they can contact us directly and we will also have the revision fixed within 72 hours. You get 1 revision each month free of charge. Multiple revisions in one month on the silver plan will result in an additional $5 dollar maintenance fee per revision.

Requested Domain

Silver Plan Members will be able to use our domain name search tool or speak with a customer service representative to search for available domain names to use for your site. When enrolling for a membership with our company you will be able request the domain name you wish to be used for your membership. While creating an account you will be prompted to select your domain name as well.

Our site technicians will purchase the requested domain name to be used during the membership. In the event that the domain name is not available that you have requested, a member of our customer service team will work with you to find another domain name that will fit your needs.

The domain name that you have chosen will remain associated with your account during the length of your membership even if you choose to modify the site with your membership. During the length of and upon termination of the membership the domain name associated with the site will be handed over to the client if the client has been a member for 1 year. If the client has not been a member for at least 1 year the domain name will remain registered property of SavePro Designs.

Contact Form

Having a contact form on your website is extremely important if you are a business owner. People are searching for terms that your business probably specializes in, and once found they will want to contact you. When you have an easy form submission on your website messages will be sent directly to your email address associated with your membership. These emails will contain the information a potential client has submitted into the form fields in hopes of contacting you for your business.

Domain Specific Email

Having a domain specific email account helps your business look more professional than it would if you have an @yahoo or @gmail account. When people see your domain name at the end of your email they feel like they are working with a professional. With the Gold Plan we feel we are working with professionals as well so we should give you the professional treatment with a domain specific email account. The first email account is included in the plan and adding additional accounts increase the monthly payment by 2 dollars per email address added.