Websites With No Monthly Fees

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Websites With No Monthly Fees

Now days you want to cut as many costs as possible. Unfortunately it is very hard to find a company…

What to do if your Website Breaks

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In today’s online world things are constantly being updated and upgraded as with most technology out there. This can prove to be very good in many cases, but on rare occasions this can be a dreadful process as well. In the event of an update to a web programming language, browser, or text editor many things can go wrong. Functions for the language may be depreciated, your text editor may have changed, or worst of all, your website may no longer be functional on the internet. So what do you do if something like this happens?

Well, hopefully you still are able to contact your web designer. It is always good to build a strong relationship with your designer, and even prior to purchasing a website make sure that they will be around when you need them because you never know when something will go wrong. If you are unable to contact your web designer or programmer there are a few things you can do.

First and foremost, preferably, I would contact the hosting company for your website, and have it taken down temporarily until the corrections are made. Next find a company who can make the edits needed for your website. This may be a tough task in many cases, if the website was custom coded the new company will have to go through the code and understand the previous coders work to be able to fix certain things. Get a basic assessment from a new designer prior to agreeing to anything. Let them tell you how long it will take to make the modifications and if it is something that will be a smooth process. If they are hesitant about the work they are probably not the right company for you.

Lastly, if this is ever the case with your website you can feel free to contact us as well, as we will be more than willing to give you a free site assessment and let you know our best input.