All Websites are Hosted Somewhere

Category : Web Hosting · by May 14th, 2013

Though this is a given, many people are unaware that websites have to be put onto a server and then directed to the internet. There are many hosting companies out there such as GoDaddy, BlueHost, Hostgator, and of course us, SavePro Designs. The biggest issue we get when we try to sell a website for the first time is telling clients that there will be a reoccurring monthly charge for hosting. In anything you buy, clients never like to have reoccurring bills, but unfortunately this is the case when it comes to hosting a website on the internet.

What is the reason for the charge for hosting? Well it takes a lot of power to run a web server, and with electricity payments, as well as repairs or upgrades to the server these are costly as well, but most importantly, servers can only have so much space. So to obtain space on a server a client must pay per month for their space, this also covers the cost of running and repairing the server as well.

So just because your website is seen virtually and you cannot physically go to the computer or server it is on and take the files directly does not mean that it is just up in a cloud somewhere. Your site is hosted on a server, in premium space that is being paid for, which of course is then being pushed out o the internet.