The Importance of a Portfolio

Category : Logo Design, Print Design, Web Design · No Comments · by May 13th, 2013

A portfolio is everything when it comes to trying to close any graphic design sale. Oddly enough SavePro has just completed their portfolio, for the new site design, which you can find here. So what exactly should a good portfolio entail? Well, not to sound cocky, but take a look at ours real quick. On every individual portfolio item we list the client, date completed, type of work, and of course, images of the work! All of these are key in having a good portfolio lined up. You may also want to add client testimonials or quotes about your work that you have completed. On a side note, testimonials are great to have but are unneeded, as your portfolio should speak for itself.

So why exactly is a portfolio a MUST in today’s sales age? Well it is simple, design fields are so saturated now days that you must have something to show for before someone forks over a few hundred or thousand dollars for you to do work for them. Design is unlike many things, you should not purchase it before you see examples. If you do, you could end up with something totally unexpected as well as unwanted, and this is never a good thing. Build a portfolio, it will help you instantly.

But I don’t have any clients yet, how can I create a portfolio? Well this is a good point that many people try and use, however there is always an answer. If you are a web designer, designing templates are always a good wayto get a portfolio started. A portfolio does not always have to be client work. Portfolios are meant to show exactly what you can do, expand on your design abilities and just take a week to build a portfolio, then try to go and get clients. It will make your life much easier as a result.