Web Design Yuba City

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SavePro Designs is based out of Yuba City, California so we figured we would write a bit about the area and what it has to offer design wise. Yuba City is a population of about 70,000. The town is on the outskirts of the capitol of California – Sacramento. We are kind of a smaller town and with many small businesses in the area we have a good market to  choose from as a small business web design company.

According to Manta, Yellow Pages, and a few other business directories, there are about 6 local web designers including SavePro Designs. Different from other web design companies, we acquire clients nationwide. Though the local market is easy to get and great to have a hold of, you are limited in the amount of clients you can obtain in such a small area. SavePro Designs looks at the bigger picture, we build our local clientele as well as grow our national clientele. Our vision is broad and will remain that way.

We also offer hosting services which not a lot of web design companies offer either. With this we can take full control of all of your online needs to get your website up and running in a timely manner, while not having to fight with going back and fourth between a domain registrar, hosting company, and design team. We put it all together for you so that the job can be done when you need it to be!

Ultimately, here at SavePro Designs, our local Yuba City clients are our foundation for the business, as we are always trying to bring both local and national clients in; we couldn’t be here without them. At the same time we need to build the foundation up with both local and national clients, which is our ultimate goal.

Penguin 2.0?

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From a recent tweet by Google’s very own Matt Cutts. Seen Here:


It is clear that we will be seeing some shifting in the seats of many black hat SEOers. For those that are unaware, the Penguin update came out last year and was highly focused on getting rid of excessive back linking from poor article submission sites. It also focused on how high of a percentage your back link anchor text was the same. For example, if I sat on an article submission site all day putting in anchor text to our website for “Web Design” Google would see a high percentage of links with the anchor text of web design from an article submission site and black list me for poor SEO. I learned first hand from this experience, as well as trying to launch thousands of pages relating to cities within the United States for web design with very similar content, they did not seem to like that concept either.

A work around to the backlinking has recently been to go to multiple high quality page ranked article submission websites and use different anchor text when submitting links. I don’t know how long this trend will last, or if it even will with the potential Penguin 2.0 coming out soon.

Ultimately the best thing to do when making a website is to be sure you have quality content on the site for starters. Make sure it is something the reader is going to be attracted to read. Also make sure that you are publishing it out to the community in which will be interested in reading it. When you get reputable back links for simple things such as an article such as this for SEO (and by reputable I mean a well known website) then you site will begin to jump in the search engines.

Until people begin to take this approach however, Google will remain sending out updates to their algorithm for the search queries and continue to blacklist people who do not follow proper SEO rules.


All Websites are Hosted Somewhere

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All Websites are Hosted Somewhere

Though this is a given, many people are unaware that websites have to be put onto a server and then…

The Importance of a Portfolio

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A portfolio is everything when it comes to trying to close any graphic design sale. Oddly enough SavePro has just completed their portfolio, for the new site design, which you can find here. So what exactly should a good portfolio entail? Well, not to sound cocky, but take a look at ours real quick. On every individual portfolio item we list the client, date completed, type of work, and of course, images of the work! All of these are key in having a good portfolio lined up. You may also want to add client testimonials or quotes about your work that you have completed. On a side note, testimonials are great to have but are unneeded, as your portfolio should speak for itself.

So why exactly is a portfolio a MUST in today’s sales age? Well it is simple, design fields are so saturated now days that you must have something to show for before someone forks over a few hundred or thousand dollars for you to do work for them. Design is unlike many things, you should not purchase it before you see examples. If you do, you could end up with something totally unexpected as well as unwanted, and this is never a good thing. Build a portfolio, it will help you instantly.

But I don’t have any clients yet, how can I create a portfolio? Well this is a good point that many people try and use, however there is always an answer. If you are a web designer, designing templates are always a good wayto get a portfolio started. A portfolio does not always have to be client work. Portfolios are meant to show exactly what you can do, expand on your design abilities and just take a week to build a portfolio, then try to go and get clients. It will make your life much easier as a result.

SavePro Designs New Business Card Design

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SavePro Designs New Business Card Design

Here at SavePro we have been working hard to re-brand ourselves since the initial launch back in November of 2012….

Welcome to the SavePro Designs Blog

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SavePro Designs has just re-modeled their site. Fresh with a new look, admin section, portfolio, and blogging area, we hope to bring clients a modern feel and comfort when visiting our website. Special features to returning clients in the admin section have been added such as viewing past invoices, current domain names, and website terms. Potential clients can now view our portfolio to see work we have done to get a complete understanding of our quality work before making the choice to move forward with production. Overall, we hope to continue to give clients the best they deserve, which is why we have went ahead and made a more user friendly look and feel to the site.