Top Web Hosting

Category : Web Hosting · by May 17th, 2013

There are hundreds of web hosting companies out there for you to search through and find what one fits your needs. Here at SavePro Designs we offer three primary hosting platforms, all of which fit any business needs as we have laid them out to do just that. Our silver plan is for small business just getting started and wanting to have a basic web presence. Our gold plan is for a business which is a bit more established and has work they would like to display on their website. And our platinum plan is for premiere business owners who are looking for the total package, content management, message boards, databases, you name it.

When searching for top web hosting make sure you consider all the factors of your website. What is it going to take to get your website up and running, and is the company going to be able to handle your needs? With SavePro we can handle anything, which is why we believe we are the top web hosting company for business owners out there today. Sure we are not a web hosting company to hold huge servers that companies such as Google and Facebook hold, but we do have the ability to hold a large number of data for any business looking to store client information, or whatever it may be on our servers.

Finally, make sure that the hosting company has a secure system in place. You do not want your data to be intercepted. Also make sure that they have a good up time. Take this into consideration for a moment. If a company tells you they have a 99% up time that is 361 days. That means your website could be down for 4 days out of the year! If a company tells you they have a 99.9% up time that is 364.6 days, so your website would be down for approximately 10 hours in a year. SavePro Designs offers a 99.99% up time which is 364.9 days! Make sure you do your research before choosing a top web hosting company!