Websites With No Monthly Fees

Category : Web Hosting ยท by Jun 21st, 2013

Now days you want to cut as many costs as possible. Unfortunately it is very hard to find a company that will not charge you a monthly fee to host your website. There could be a work around, if you consider an annual payment not paying monthly, but if you are looking to have your website up on the internet free of charge, it is virtually impossible. A few web hosting companies do offer free hosting, but your domain name will also carry theirs in it. For example. – not always the most professional looking domain name, but it is free.

The unfortunate thing about free things is that there is more than likely always a catch. Most free hosting companies not only throw their domain name into yours, but also will put advertisements on your website as well. The best thing to do is to look for the company that will give you what you pay for. Here at SavePro we will give you quality web hosting with 99.9% up time. We try to minimize the cost of the hosting for you so that you have a high quality affordable and effective website.

Our goal is to give the customer what they want, to build a solid client base. We see it as, the more satisfied customers we have, the better for both the customer and us. We have a good residual income and a good reputation. Ultimately that is our goal in the end.